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I have wonderful restriction after my first fill......



Well ..... on Thursday I went for my first fill here in town. I was a little nervous but all things went well and he gave me 1cc. I go back on the 22nd for another fill - he wants to put in .5cc and then get me up to 2.5cc. Sounds good to me! I was unfortunately able to eat anything from the time I ate solids to my fill. I didn't over do it...... didn't gain weight, but didn't lose it either. But now -- I notice the scale has started to drop because my portions are limited. And I can feel it. This is the part that I was so excited to get to!

I'm going to weigh myself on Friday and see what I have lost. One of my surgeon friends at work has told me not to have any more Boost or Ensure. Its hard because in the morning I don't have time for scrambled eggs or anything really. So I grab an Ensure. Its not like I'm having breakfast and then on top of that Ensure. She said that I will gain weight with taking the Ensure ..... Weekend mornings are different, today I had one slice of French Toast. And I was full! Yesterday I had scrambled eggs. So I do eat breakfast, just some mornings during the week are hard. And Devin brought me a salad from Wendy's on Friday for lunch --- I was so surprised as to the amount I was able to eat. I couldn't even make a dent in the salad and I was done!

I've lost 25 pounds since I started down this road. I have another 99 pounds to go. I'm going to make my next goal 50 pounds .... This band really is the best decision I have ever made. I've been known to not make the greatest decisions at times, but marrying Devin and getting this band is the best thing I have done!

Devin is refereeing hockey this morning and will be back in 3 hours so I need to plan what I'm making for lunch.....



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