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Why must I get a cold?????



And right before Thanksgiving weekend when we are heading down to the mountains?!?! Grrr..... Oh well, I guess it comes with the season! :( Things are going pretty good other than being sick --- I have managed to keep my portions of food to be fairly small as I am always full. I can't see this being a bad thing -- I eat but stop when I know I'm full. Unlike before I'd eat, eat and eat some more. I don't feel sick when I eat -- I feel good. I'm going to step on the scale tomorrow or Thursday and weigh myself and see what, if anything, I have lost. Hey, as long as I don't gain I'll be happy .... but I'll be happier when the scale starts to go down more!!!

Looking outside the window here at work and you know that say -- "red sky in the morning is a sailors warning" ... well thats what I see right now --- dear Lord it better not be the work of snow! We are getting new tires on Friday and we can't have snow until after that!



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