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Tuesday's road trip to Cosmed



Hi everyone,, Tuesday was an exciding day,, everyone that was staying at RBTS went into town and visited Cosmed Clinic for their post op check ups. I'm telling you,, when you've been sitting and laying around for the last week,, this will make your day. LOL. Dr. Quiroz said everyone was doing fine. This would be my last visit before I head home on Wednesday. Dr. Quiroz gave me instructions on how to pull the drainage tubes and when the stitches come out. We have to email him with a record of how many CC's are draining, then he will decide for you when to pull the tubes. The stitches come out after rubbing your scar with this special cream he gives you, it will loosen up the tape and when the tape is gone,, you can cut and pull the stitches. Everyones biggest complaint is the lack of being able to have a bowel movement. We had to stop at the drug store for several patients to buy blasting stuff. So,, if your concidering going with a LBL,, bring movement drugs with you. I personally liked what Dr. Martinez suggested,, Milk of Mag. That worked for several of the patients,, but several had to buy the strong stuff. Back to RBTS and dinner with all "my" girls. During dinner, I was told that I was RBTS's first male patient,, so their all excided too.


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