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10 Days Post-Op



It's been 10 days since my LBL, My body still feels like I've been run over by a truck,, I can say it's not as bad as those first few days after my surgery, but, it's a slow recovery. The tops of my legs are still numb and tingly. My belly button is still leaking,, it leaks the same fluid that is draining from my tubes, kind of a light red colored water. I'm keeping my new button cleaned out and watching it like a hawk,, they say the belly button is one of the hot spots for infection after surgery. During surgery they pump 2 very large bags of fluid into you and 1 small bag of antibiotics, so your full of fluids and swollen. Your so swollen that I had made a mistake of not taking along a pair of sweat pants for my return flight home. The day I left RBTS I had to wear my shorts home, my jeans wouldn't button, even though they were loose when I arrived in TJ. Mornings are tough,, I'm stiff and sore till I get up and move around a little, but everyday it gets easier to get out of bed. I've learned to hold the front of my stomach with my hands when coughing or sneezing. If you don't, your in for some severe pain. Today I think I'll have my wife take some 10 day post-op pictures. I haven't decided if I'm going to post them or not. I have the before pics stored on my computer. I don't know,, its not a pretty site looking at pics of someones hanging skin or their post-op pics. The problem with the post-op pics is that your so swollen, stitched and bandaged up, its hard to see any results. I'll think about it today.


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Glad to hear all went well. I did not know about how to do this blog thing. I still am thinking about going to cosmed myself next year. Do you have to go back for anymore rechecks?

Hope things continue to do better and the pain lessens.

Best Wishes,

Tanya (tlag0

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