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embarrassing part2




so guess who decides to call me asking to see me???! GIOVANNI -_- mmhmmmm that's what i thought! so you know how i was really upset/annoyed/angry at his decision to blow me off when i wanted to hangout that thursday and i made him well aware of it. i was like oh you decide you want to hang out with me now after you're done with your more important friends huh?!!! RUDE! then he was like well fine if you don't want to hang out then i can just not see you till i come back in 9 days and i was like urghhh. so basically he won that fight. so we hung out last night and everytime we're together we get into the worst trouble. but that's why i like him so much, he's never boring. i mean NEVER EVER EVER EVER boring :lol: ok the thing with me is that i never talk about my weight to people who could never understand how it feels to have a weight problem their whole entire lives. i just feel it's none of their business because they wouldn't know the first place to empathize so i just rather not discuss something super personal because it's been my life struggle. but somehow gio got me to tell him everything. my insecurities, my hopes for the future, the "turmoil" that's going on inside my head and heart...i don't ever talk about these things. the only people i talk openly like that are with jeri and mario. and my relationships with them are based on years and years of building up trust and love. i've known mario for 13/14 years and i've known jeri for 8/9 years. i've known gio since august! but he's gotten so close to me and i feel like "who are you???" "why are you here" and "what do you want from me??!" i asked him last night why he was doing this to me and why he wanted to know these crazy feelings i had and he said that he's only like this to people he cared about...i was speechless...i was so embarrassed yet highly intrigued by his honesty and lack of personal boundaries. you know when someone doesn't want to talk about something you usually back off right? well not gio. but i guess it's because i do want to talk about these things but its so hard for the words to come out of my mouth. he kept getting impatient with me because i would take forever to answer a question. he may think its simple but "simple" to me is the most difficult. but you know what i'm really glad he did. i'm really happy that he decided to spend his last hours in vegas with me before he had to get on a plane to hawaii. i guess he does care or he just likes to mess with people's heads. either way it's amusing :D



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