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i am disgusted




with myself. i have been eating non-stop for the past week! any and every food possible! i hate this. i feel like i've gained 4896738576 bajillion pounds alone this week! i am so ashamed. there are so many left overs and feel like such a waste to buy salad when there's like left over thanksgiving food to last an entire month! but i know i can't continue to eat like this the entire month but it sure is saving me lots of money. but no i must STOP! anyway gotta go gio is coming over and we're going to create more chaos together :D :D :D :D :D love that boy even though mario highly disapproves which makes me wonder what mario's problem is???... ehhh i hope everything works itself out. it's kind of hard to have friends that hate each other, but love you. i mean that just leaves me stuck in the middle..i'm actually quite torn from the whole thing but i just don't what to do anymore. its not like mario is asking me to not be his friend, but it kind of is when he doesn't want to hang out with me just because gio will be there. you see what i mean?..because i want gio there and want mario there but the two just don't get along and its either hang with mario or hang with gio so its like AHHHH okay i'm rambling now. oh speaking of friends and bff that darn jeri pissed me off again. i don't really want to get into what she did but it was just super annoying so i'm not talking to her as of right now. hahaaa gotta go



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