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idk sorry



so i've realized that people are leaving me comments because i get a notification in my email about it. but when i come on to view the comment i never see anything..so i would like to apologize to people that have left me comments and think i'm ignoring or deleting them or something because i'm not. i really can't see them. i don't know if it's because of my settings or what. so i don't know what to do about that but you can always message me :)

on another note somebody told me we can't digest corn and that we're basically not supposed to eat it. so now i'm never eating corn again. but i should have figured that, i mean if corn can fuel a car to drive cross country then really right??!

yesss 1lb lost :D :D :D jake made dinner last night yummy peanut butter sauce salmon with veggies and linguine. then we ate kernel popcorn DELICIOUS. i know its corn but it's not in its original kernel form so that should make a difference, i think... :)

OMGosh i want to see twilight soooooo bad but i gave my word to gio that i would wait for him to get back from hawaii so we can see it together and he gets back today but i don't know what time and he hasn't texted or called me so idk what's going on. but i'm telling the other boys we have to go see it tonight but then mario is like i might have to do something for my internship and i'm like ahhh we have to all go together because it won't be fun otherwise. i'm going crazy insane thinking about seeing this movie!!! i have never felt this way about a movie ever! i'm soooo RESTLESS ahhhhhhhhhh! i'm gonna go dance!!!


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