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trim down...?...



so mario wants to "trim down" not lose weight but lose body fat. today i was whining about being 30% body fat..then mario said yeah i want to lose my body fat and i was like what body fat?! i got mad because i said if i was to eat like bad for an entire week i would gain some kind of weight back while they would maintain. so not fair. then mario said we would probably actually lose weight if we ate junk and i was like WHAT?! then he was like yeah it just goes right through our system..probably because they are nothing but muscle..how annoying. then i was like ugh its so hard for woman to lose and keep weight off because our bodies just love to cling to any and all fat! i guess its for the whole having babies thing...

i've been eating pretty horrible. sweets galore..i'm disgusted with myself. but i have picked up a good habit. drinking green tea..they say it helps to aid in weight loss. i think i need another fill, i can eat wayyy too much. i need to ban sweets. i kinda banned chips. i can't remember the last time i opened a bag of chips and ate it. i need to think of cookies and anything covered in chocolate as DEATH! exactly how i feel about fast food and soda..it just screams heart attack and/or prime candidate for diabetes the rest of your life... i'm sorry but i really don't want to stab myself with a needle everyday. no sir i definitely don't need that.

well, i had a good birthday and christmas. spent it with mom and the boys. got lots of presents that i try to wear all at once :lol:

jeri comes to vegas for the new year and her bday. i'm excited to hang out with her. even though she pisses me off but i still love her. she's my sister forever and ever.

eeeshh i'm so restless i only have 88 more lbs to lose before i'm at my goal weight my DREAM finally coming true! i want to wake up so bad! i keep getting compliments left and right. i'm so grateful for all the kind words and encouragement that its making me even more restless than usual! i just want it so bad! so according to my new calculations if i just keep going at it i could be at my goal weight by august! :lol: hurry up summer already! funny how i have never thought that way ever. i dreaded summer because i knew i would get the stares from people because i was that person wearing a black hoodie mid summer heat wave, because i was embarrassed of my body. well that is done and over with now FOREVER! ;)


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