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"but i don't have to make this mistake"..



i need another fill. the weight loss is slowing down severely. one pound a week is not going to cut it. i can eat wayyy too much again. yesterday i ate this huge huge plate of salad with three eggs, a whole tomato, like 4 ounces of mozzarella and after eating it i was still hungry! can you believe it!?!

gio wants to go to sd next weekend maybe i can do it then, but i usually go with my mom and well i don't know...i mean i just don't want to be like oh hey gio by the way i need to hop on over to mexico so i can get my lapband filled..ha actually now that i think about it i think he would like that, but it would take all day so we wouldn't be able to do anything..err i'll just ask him but that's kind of short notice to get the fill or is it like a whatever kind of thing. i have to plan this just right. i don't know exactly what he has planned but you know what i don't care. he's just going to have to realize that it's not always going to be his way. so i let him put the a/c on 60 when we sleep even though i loathe a/c. and i let him listen to his stupid music while he loathes my good taste in music. and he hates when i don't answer his questions instantly and i hate when he gets this domineering attitude with me ...urgh why are we even friends?? its seems like we pretty much hate each other with a passion because we're complete opposites. but its funny because even though we fight, i can't stay mad at him. even during the fight i'm not mad i'm more amused than anything else.

anyway i should go eat breakfast. i'm starving. too bad i ran out of cereal and now i have to go to wholefoods and buy the only brand i eat. i love being super picky about food now


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