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brother and sister means forever :]



me and gio just got back from california we were in san diego then decided to drive to LA! yessss i love LA. i so want to live there! it was lots of fun! i worked out in the fitness room for the hotel. walked and jogged on the treadmill for 40 minutes, 2.2miles, and burned 200+ calories or so the machine says ;) i was going to go swimming in the pool but everybody decided to go out to the pool so i was like uh nevermind. anyways i've been spending all my money on new smaller sized clothes of course but its getting me in trouble because i can't stop and i know i shouldn't be spending money on clothes i know aren't going to fit in like a couple of months. all my old shirts are so baggy on me and they look old but i barely just bought them a couple months ago...how annoying..

anyway gio thinks that its going to take me at least 2/3 years to lose the last 84lbs of my weight and i laughed so hard. because i was like noway! the most its going to take is october, the most.. but it definitely will not take me 2/3 years to lose 84lbs. hahaa what a silly boy..but i think he says stuff like that to push me because he knows that telling me i can't do something and/or challenging me really pushes my buttons so he knows that doing that will make me even more determined to prove him wrong because that's what we do. but i think sometimes we push each other so hard that we just lose control of our feelings and go insane. we basically wanted to kill each other this weekend. i would be infuriated with him and he would try to calm me down. then he would be infuriated with me and i would try to calm him down. when i say "infuriated" i mean INFURIATED..like screaming, hitting and threats to hitch hike across town to get away from each other. i don't even know why we're friends???! we hate each other... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: we fight like family like a bitter rivalry but after everything is said and done we're always going to be together forever. i love him ^_^

i have a blister on the ball of my foot because when i worked out i only had flats not proper running shoes. i mean i didn't know i was going to be exercising so next time i'm bringing sneakers. anyway i think just starting up the whole exercising thing will start up my weight loss process again. its still slowing down but i think thats because i haven't been sticking to a healthy meal plan. i just kind of eat whatever but its not gross/fat food its just regular food, but i know i should be sticking with salads, fresh fruit, and lean protein. so i think my body just wants me to start exercising again or something to boost up my metabolism and start my heart pumping. it felt really good to sweat when i was exercising. the rush and boost of endorphins...i forgot that feeling and how much i love it. i wish this blister would go away eh


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