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i would lose 2lbs after eating a donut.



so weird! last night i ate a krispy kreme boston creme filled donut, tortilla chips, chocolate, bubblegum, and a taro boba which is the equivalent to a starbucks frapp because it has 3 scoops of vanilla icecream in it..and I lose 2lbs!?!!!!!! what is going on????!!!! i can eat for a whole week straight of good healthy food, salads, fruits, yogurt, lean protein, good fats, like nuts, etc ..and the scale will not budge! but the week i eat everything junk i lose 3lbs that refused to come off for an entire month!?!!! how frustrating and completely wonderful at the same time!

i think it probably has something to do with me being extremely active/physical lately. Gio has me running around and walking super fast. he keeps me on my toes. He gets so mad at me because i walk really slow. hahaaa! his walk is like my jog. his jog is my run. my sprint couldn't even keep up with his run. so when he runs i can never catch him so i tend to fly at him when he slows down because its the only way i can get back at him. he does some really annoying things that i just was to beat him up for but i can never catch him! so i wait for him to think i give up then i jump attack him! omgosh we're sooo stupid when we're together and that's basically everyday. this lady in the convenient store had a teacup Chihuahua mixed with a dachshund, i think she said..anyway i was like omgoodness what an adorable puppy! so we're talking and the lady drops her beer on the floor and it breaks and splashes all over the floor at our feet! anyway the two boys working cleaned it up but gio was like omg are you ok do you want me to buy you another beer?! and the lady of course is like oh no no so we're like ok what if we buy your son a donut?! so the little boy who's probably 4 was like yayaa so i grabbed him a pink sprinkled donut out of the display and that's when i get myself that boston creme donut and of course gio looks at me disapprovingly but i didn't care. so we pay for the donut and our gum..then the lady goes are you guys brother and sisters?? and we look at each other and start laughing. then i wrap my arms around gio, look up at his face and say yesss he's my brother forever..then the lady goes oh no you're boyfriend and girlfriend and i let go of gio and start laughing and gio has this smirk on his face and says we're friends. then the boy at the counter who has a crush on me because i've been in there before kind of has this sad weird face going on and i can't stop smiling to myself. i was kind of teasing the counter boy like asking him about his fake id because he looks really young but is actually older than me well he's 24 so its not anything but he looks young like me and i'm just like oh still using your "fake" id and he's like yep and teases me the same. then gio goes why are you flirting with him?! and i started laughing so hard again! then the lady was like you guys are so cute and outgoing and so good and nice! then i said thank you while we were walking out the store. then we get in the car and gio is like do you really like that guy?! i couldn't stop laughing once again!

anyway i kind of want a salad from whole foods right now but i know if i was to eat it i wouldn't lose weight! so maybe i should go back to that gas station and get another krispy kreme donut and harass that boy. hahaa jk jk! it's nice warm almost hot weather today and gio goes i'm gonna go swimming in my pool. i smirked to myself because gio doesn't swim because he wouldn't dare mess up his BEAUTIFUL hair! bahaaaa what a loser! the other day we were in the jacuzzi and he kept splashing me with water so i splashed him back and got water on his face and in his hair. he was so angry so he tried to drown me several times! so i flipped him over and dunked him into the water! he was so upset and started whining about how his hair was going to get curly and how chlorine makes him breakout. omg what a baby!!!! so he went crazy on me and i ran so fast to escape his wrath. because even though he weighs 150lbs he's strong and add crazy on top of that! hahaaa we're just like crazy siblings that hate and love each other at the same time. it's pretty awesome!

anyway i've been rambling for an hour or two now and i'm starving! k byeee!

p.s. 80 more lbs to lose ughhhhhh well 50 to be within the same range as jeri so i guess that's not that bad. and at least it's not 100lbs anymore right!? i just want to be out of the 200's already!


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