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good news is always followed by bad news



good news- i lost 2 more lbs. bad news i'm really 5'5 and i have small bones. i got an x-ray and went to the doctors yesterday. i'm a small frame so technically my goal weight should be like 110-120lbs...ugh -_- how annoying and this whole time i thought i was getting almost to my goal weight and this happens. i'm set back once again and it's frustrating but at least i know the truth now. anyway i'm looking at this chart and it said 130 is still ok for a small frame 5'5 women so maybe i'll just leave it there for now. and when i get to that goal i can focus on getting to a smaller weight if i feel its necessary. i mean i'm 209 right now and i wear small/medium size shirts in jr's and everything else is large. i don't wear XL or anything anymore. so i'm happy for that. The lowest weight i think i'll go is probably 120 and that's it. that's only 10 more lbs so its not a big thing but still. we'll see i guess


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