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"stupid girl, i should have known"



i feel so low right now. completely crushed. gio just told me that i have a pouty attitude and that i'm too needy....omg that's the killer. its just i love him so much and he knows everything about me. of course i'm going to need him...but i guess he feels suffocated or something???? i try to leave him alone. like i won't call or text him and he always calls and text me and wants to hang out. but i guess when we hang out i haven't been the most pleasant person. he thinks i take him for granted and maybe i do..but he does the same to me! i don't know anymore. i guess i just i have to let him go and let him do whatever. i just cried for 10 minutes....i woke up like an hour ago. i haven't eaten anything. i haven't done anything but started listening to taylor swift's sad love songs and now i'm blogging on the computer. usually i never have time to do any of this because the weekends i'm with gio 24/7 and even the weekdays. we're always together. maybe we do need a break because we're starting to forget why we liked to be around each other in the first place. we're bestfriendsforever/brother and sister ...but we've been treating each other really bad, like really bad. it's like we don't want to be around each other but that we have to be..it's become like a chore to be together and thats not how it should be. hopefully we can get through this..if not then i'll just have to put myself together after he's broken me down to pieces...

i lost another pound. i danced around by myself for half an hour for exercise last night.

i don't really have an appetite right now.

mario is going to help me with my taxes tonight. mario....my sweet caring bestestfriend who makes me laugh when i'm feeling down who would never tell me he has a life and i need to get over it...hmm yeah mario would never say any of the things gio has said to bring me down. mario would never do any of the crap gio has done to me. now i'm mad! i've been neglecting my true friends for that idiot! i'm so stupid...


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