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sometimes i'm really really stupid...i'm going to stop now.

gio and i made up. i started to be more pleasant and more like myself. i guess it worked because it reminded him of why he loves and wants to be around me in the first place. sometimes he would say something rude or try to be mean but he realized i wasn't being rude/mean back or being pouty. but i did get upset once last night because he said i smelled so i walked away from him then he walked over to where i was standing and said oh what are you upset now are you going to cry and get all pouty like usual?! and i simply replied no i just moved away from you because you said i smelled. then he just looked at me then looked away but stayed by my side the rest of the night. so i guess i didn't smell he was just saying it to upset me. but when i didn't get all "pouty" back he realized i wasn't playing that game. he was really sick last night so i took care of him. we were together all day today and he was still sick. he definitely has the flu. my poor gio panda. we got chicken noodle soup together and orange juice. he's not going to school tomorrow, he's staying in bed all day. he should have stayed in bed today but we had things to take care of. love him forever.

so 75 more lbs to lose ^_^ if you think about it i only need 55 more lbs to lose to be considered "normal weight" according to the bmi calculator. and only 25lbs until i'm not considered obese anymore. well at least i'm not morbidly obese anymore. how weird to be considered morbidly obese at the age of 23..anyway no going back to that ever!



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