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how annoying



i'm still the same weight for what like 3 weeks now?! i really need to start exercising. i need to join a gym for reals because i don't have any place to workout i feel weird walking around outside by myself plus that's sorta dangerous...

i'm going to go through all my clothes and throw out everything that's either too big or i never wear anymore which of course is because it's too big. i kinda stopped shopping because i need to stop myself from buying clothes now while i'm still losing weight. i need to resist the urge so it can help push me to get to my goal weight so i can have a real reason to splurge! i pick out a few pieces every now and then but i keep in a range of 10-30 dollars every 2weeks to a month or so. i think that's reasonable.

ha surprise surprise i'm not with gio today. he says he has important things to take care of..yeah riiight.. then why did he even bother calling me to wake me up so we can go to the chiropractor together but take separate cars when he lives 20 minutes away and coming to my place then heading to the chiropractors would take him 45 minutes instead of 20 minutes from his house. omg i don't care anymore he doesn't know whether he's coming or going and whether or not he wants me to be by his side or not. what a weirdo. he needs to keep his insanity away from me. last night he got buzzed or whatever and was acting a fool. of course i had to take care of him but does he appreciate it of course NOT. idiot. he can go take care of his "important" things without me that's just fine with me. i'm pretty sure he'll be calling/texting/harassing me later tonight. it would probably be best to not respond.

mario and jake are going to puerto rico tonight. i have to drop them off at 8 tonight. i pretty much hate those two. always going to island get aways without me whatever

everybody sucks whatever i'm done.


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