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-i'm joining the gym tomorrow

-new goal weight: 120lbs

-i'm swearing off carbs

-i'm swearing off donuts, cookies, and SWEETS in general.

-i don't like my mom very much at this point in time.

-i hate that giovanni hates it when people think i'm his girlfriend. (i mean what's so bad about me?! <_<)

-i hate when people ask me if giovanni is my boyfriend <_<

-i hate that i'm not financially independent

-i hate depending on people

-i hate filling up my gas tank every two/three days!

-i hate people telling me what to do and how to live MY life!

-i hate people making me feel like i'm the bad guy

-i hate tinted moisturizer

-i hate owing people anything

-i hate people that don't listen but expect you to!

-i hate being fat.

-i hate not being good enough

i'll show them all.

edit: the only person that matters is me. i don't care what anybody else thinks as long as i feel good about myself. and you know what i do feel good about myself. i've worked really hard to get to where i am right now and nobody is going to make me feel like it's not good enough. because it's damn good if i do say so myself! so there! thank you very much!


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