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yes sir!



i joined the gym! i'm going to go work out tonight after i eat and finish watching james dean "rebel without a cause" i fell asleep watching it last night...ha guess i was just really tired. james dean is sooo cute! speaking of cute...EDWARD CULLEN! TWILIGHT out on DVD tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited! i can't wait! i fixed my IPOD! FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! i have my own music again!!!!! you don't even realize how torturous that was for me to not have my own music and listen to top 40 radio 24/7!!! because the music i like is alternative indie underground stuff and all i have been hearing is nothing but hiphop and rock like nickelback...i mean nickelback??! yessssssssss i'm so happy!!!!! gio just called me and asked me what i did all day and what i plan to do tonight and i told him and he called me boring. whatever. he was laying out all day by the pool and he says hes all red now. ummm ok yeah nice way to get cancer freak...anyway i think he has some party to go to with his other bestfriend because its her boyfriends 21st birthday or whatever. yeahhh so much fun there a bunch of randoms getting drunk and acting stupid. i hate parties...people are soooo typical. anyway i'm really enjoying my time alone and away from him! i really mean that too...i wonder if that means i hate him? haha no i don't hate him, people just need time to be apart that's all. speaking of time apart i haven't seen my sister in a month...hmm maybe i should visit her tomorrow...anyway going to eat bye!


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