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Wedding Anniversary! Working toward a goal date/month!




Today is my Wedding Anniversary! Jim, and I have been married for 2 years! Time has a way of passing when you’re in love! :wub:

I feel so blessed that my husband is supportive of this life changing choice. The more I learn the more I get to share with him. Knowledge is power baby!

We talked this morning, while getting ready for work. I used the toilet for a chair, while he shaved, romantic huh! We are going to work toward a "Goal" month for the lap band. So! We decided on June! I am happy to have a month picked out. Although I would jump at the chance to leave next week, this will give me time to read my book, the Lap Band Forum posts, and make plans.

In reality, I have much to do in a limited amount of time. Yesterday, I watched Dr. Ortiz perform the procedure on YouTube. I also listened to him talk about liquids for 21 days, then on to food. It's cool to be able to watch videos and see what is happening, what you need to do. There are tons of videos about people’s journeys. I love the internets!



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