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bom bom dee da dum



so um i fell off the wagon...i couldn't help myself! it was mario's fault! he had these chips and he was waving it my face and i just went gimme gimme and well...here's the thing i'm not mad at myself. i figure i need to give myself some room to be "bad". i mean everyone has a bad day and i'm not going to beat myself up over it. i'm losing weight and i'm keeping it off, so that right there is a huge accomplishment. because of the lap band i know i will never put it back on. i know there are chances even with the band, that i could put the weight back on but i know better then to do that. i just have my days where i need a salty/sweet fix. anyway i'm changing my weight loss goal to something higher because i think the number i picked is too low even though its "ideal". i want to make my own ideal. so as i continue to lose weight and get smaller i'll see what happens to my body. then i'll decide then if i want to go lower or stay at a certain weight because i like the way my body looks. with that said i'm getting a fill in august. visiting my family in san diego is always the best!

and that's a picture of us when we took the kids out the day before july 4th. it's me, my sister, mario's niece, and then mario. i love that picture its so amusing. i have a video too but i don't think we can upload videos on here. too bad it's sooo funny :lol:


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