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only in vegas...



ugh i hate vegas. dumb buffets and dumb "2 for 1" deals that who in their right mind would ever pass up!?!! maybe someone trying to lose weight?! NOT! ...my "indulgence" week is still going full speed ahead and i can't stop! well i know i'm going to stop because it gets old..you know eating whatever you want with no consequences. i noticed i eat when i'm really really happy. and i'm super happy right now. i never eat when i'm sad or mad. when i'm sad/mad i like to workout or do something active like running around the mall browsing, shopping whatever. i want to find a good balance where i'm really happy but i don't need food to "complete" the deal. anyway i told mario that i changed my weight loss goal to something higher than my original goal was. he asked me what it was before then what i changed it to now. i told him i wanted to be like 120 but he said that was wayyyy too skinny. i was kind of shocked that he said that because i figured that was thee perfect weight for someone my age and height. it's weird because he wants to gain weight, well not really weight but muscle mass like he wants to be one of those "big body builder" type guys..well not really "meaty body builder competition" body just like "broad shoulders, tight abs, small waist" body. he's like 6'0 190lbs basically all muscle, but according to the BMI calculator he's overweight. he's definitely not overweight looking all. i know the bmi calculator does not take into account what is lean body mass or body fat. my aunt said that i was going to look like her daughter in two years and her daughter is 13..uhhh ok?... so she wants me to have the body of a 13 yr old?..uh how about no. she meant well i'm sure..she's just saying i'm going to be as skinny as her which is fine i guess. its still annoying for them to think all its going to take is exercising. my aunt is one of those people that eat, don't exercise and manage to gain NOTHING even as she gets older! it's ridiculous. i know exercise is important in the weight loss process. plus it makes me feel really good. anyway i want to start walking like everywhere but walking in vegas is pretty much impossible. its like 115 degrees out here and when people see you walking outside they stare at you like you're super weird. anyway i'll figure something out.

so tomorrow i have to go to a wedding. i wanted to be at a certain weight by then but uh since i decided to indulge all week that goes out the window. ok ok i promise to go back on track like sunday because saturday we have a potluck at work...hahaaaa i know i know...yeah sometimes i want to yell at myself too ;)


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