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emotional mess



i was banded january 23rd, 2009 and have lost 25lbs. sometimes i get discouraged and feel as though im not losing enough-quick enough. ive been an emotional eater all my life and now when im down and emotionally eat, i cant. (which of course is a good thing). so everyday is a challenge. i find that i weigh myself very often and if it goes up more then 2 pounds i'm a emotional mess. ive tried weighing myself once a week but its as though i have to track my weight. this has become more of an emotional rollercoaster then anything (i am working on this). i recently got my band filled to 2cc. at first it was great. i was hardly eating and noticed the difference right away, but i think it was too tight. i was sick everyday and i think it has moved/slipped. im not feeling the band this week. im going to take a quick visit to tj to confirm this.


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sigma15 - I hope all is well with you band. You are doing great in your weightloss! 6lbs a month is nothing to blink an eye at! Think of this time as an adjustment time, you learning to live with the band and what to do with yourself when you want to emotionally feed those feelings. Chin up! You are doing something awesome! Do your best not to stress, it hinders weight loss. Focus on living and the weight will come off.

I am an emotional eater as well, so I face the very same challenges as you do. Sending you postive thoughts and prayers! Your doing great!

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Sigma 15 we are on the same boat. I got banded on Feb 1, 2009, lost 26 lbs the first two months and then nothing. I became so discouraged that I went back to my old eating habits...well that wasn't smart because when I went for my 3rd fill recently, I had gained 6 lbs. So try not to revert to emotional eating. amazing how much chocolate and cake i can eat and not feel full. LOL. Let's try and remember why we got the band. I got it because I was tired of being in that cycle of trying to lose weight, failing at it, and running to the fridge or pantry and stuffing my face because i felt like such a failulure. The band is a tool and it's to help us feel fuller for longer and in the long run eat less so it aids us PHYSICALLY. however, the emotional and mental stuff is up to us. That has been a challenge for me. I will not be hungry but you have no idea how badly I want to reach for that bag of chips or that candy bar. This is proof for me that we don't eat because we're hungry but because of our emotions. we can conquer those emotions. AngieB is right. be positive. you, like me, have probably lost more weight in a few months than you would've on your own. that's a great thing. don't be so hard on yourself and try not to obsess about it. I had to laugh when i read your post because i do exactly the same thing with the scale. i check my weight daily. i even tried putting the scale in a drawer so it wouldn't be convenient for me to use it. well i take it right out. i think we're still new at this. it does get better and easier from what everyone else says. good luck and keep me posted. we're all in this together.


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