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I leave tomorrow!



I leave tomorrow bright and early for Tijuana, MX! I am excited, and for the most part ready. I do have a few details to tie up. My nerves have settled. It helped me to get my bag packed. That put me at ease, knowing I will not be in a rush to finalize any details. First thing this morning I printed my boarding pass.

Yesterday I spent some time reading peoples negative experiences with the band. Worst cases! It was interesting, and I'll I can do is pray that those stories do not become my own personal experience. It did open my eyes more to what could happen, and what people went through. I am steping out in faith that I have made a good decision for myself and family. At anyrate, I am the person who reads stuff like that a few days before being banded! LOL I would not recommend it to the faint of heart.

My friend who had her surgery on Monday is doing great! No need to take pain medication and has been out and about on Tuesday, shopping and what not. I am so glad she has had a positive experience!

Now I await my own turn. I pray that this will be the experience I hope it to be!


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