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Looking forward to a relationship with my new band. Self doubt.



When I read about how people live with the band, and think oh my, what am I getting myself into? I have to remind myself, that I will have my own relationship with the band. Each of us is different. For me this is a life change, and one that I sometimes look at like.....am I ready to give up my love affair with food. I enjoy food and find comfort in food. Sometimes when I read what people are eating I think.....I wouldn't choose to eat those foods. Like almonds for a snack. Really, I haven't choose almonds for a snack ever.

What I have to do is remind myself I will have my own relationship with the band. I will be learning what foods are good and what I can not tolerate any more. I am going to focus on eating 1/3 of what I would have normally ate. I'll have much of the same foods as I did before. We eat pretty darn healthy at our house anyway. I don't plan on depriving myself of the foods I love. I do plan on having a better portion.

I am a bit more laid back about my new band life. I have set goals for what I would like to achieve, but I am not going all intense. To me this is a life change. Life being the key word. I do not plan on dropping all my weight in one year. I'd like to drop it in 2. This is a lifestyle not a race.

I don't have expectations that I will loose a ton of weight before my second fill. In my head, I am thinking that in July that is when I will see some good progress. (And who knows, I may not have a great level of restiction then either?!)

I have to say that I can feel a difference in my cloths. :rolleyes: I love that! It has begun! Weight loss has started!

My first fill apt is on June 1st. I have not met with this Dr. yet, so I do not know what her time frames are on fills. I am sure she will tell me more when I met her. Best case senerio is I will have good restriction after my 1st fill! That would be awesome!


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good for you, i hope i can get into that mind set, at the moment all i can think of is this and i think i am starting to go crazy, i haven't told anyone because i know what they will say so its quite a lonely path.

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Well feel free to PM me any time you want to chat. No sense in you feeling alone. Especially when we are here for each other! If you want someone to talk to, I'd be happy to give you a ring. 6.gif/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><' />

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