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Eleven days post-op!



Well, it has been 11 days post-op. It is going pretty good. I have had a few small cheats, but for the most part I am doing liquids. Really thought soup would be more yummy than it is. I am beginning to feel hungry. Not bad, just a mild hunger.

I struggle to not eat when I cook my family there meals. I've asked my husband to pitch in to help, but he doesn't seem to want to. Bummer. He has a few times, but he isn't the cook so it's hard on him too.

I have moments when I just want to eat. Ugh! Doing my best to stay focused. Three weeks of liquids! I can do it!!

On a side note, I was reading on the lapbandtalk.com April 2009 forum today that people are getting fills after 4 weeks. Hmm I scheduled mine for 6 weeks post op. I wonder what the big difference is. Are we healed by 4 weeks????

I have asked a question on the fill section of this forum to see what others have to say. Guess we will see what they have to say!


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There are not a whole lot of bloggers. I do have a favorite marked, but he has not blogged in a while. Anyway, it is interesting to read about people.

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