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I'm Struggling with my Pre-op diet



My surgery is scheduled for May 15, and i am suppose to be on my pre-op diet. I'm having a heck of a time with this!! I'm suppose to loose 13 lbs. post surgery and i have lost 10, however I'm still not following the diet that the OCC gave me. Does anyone know if its okay if you don't just have liquids only before surgery as long as I'm losing what I'm suppose to before the surgery?


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I know the feeling! My surgery is on may 18th. Dr. Ramos Kelly is my Dr and he requested High Protiens and liquids on the last 3 days. But I know I want the best results so I started the HIGH protien today which is exactly 2 weeks before I get on the plane to go to San Diego. I WOULD SUGGEST FOLLOWING YOUR DOCTORS REQUEST TO THE T. He has evaluated your body and knows what he needs.

I know it is SOOOOOOOOO hard. But it is not just about the weight. We have to shrink the liver so the dr.s can work around it. I have heard of people bein post poned because of the liver being too big. YOU CAN DOI IT! Think of being able to go swimming and not feeling like everyone is looking and laughing when they turn their backs. We have all been their! Liquid diet has to be worth it. Not easy but worth it.

We can be strong! It is just for a couple more days.....

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Thank you sooooo much for the encouragement!! I guess if i just keep thinking about the swimsuit thing that sure will help!! I know I didn't go camping or swimming last summer soley because of my weight. Good luck to you too!

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cryltodd - I too struggled with the pre-op diet. Hang in there! Do the best you can do. What helped me was to remind myself of why I was doing the darn torture pre-op diet anyway. That seemed to re-focus me and help me to stick to the diet.

Keep in mind, you have already lost 10 lbs! Great job! Your have over 2/3 of your weight lost and a good amount of time to loose the rest.

IMHO - The liquids only is going to help you shrink the stomach tissue and the size of your stomach. Which will help you for your post-op diet. I would suggest you do liquids for breakfast, and lunch and have a reasonable meal at dinner. When I did this I noticed I got full faster because my stomach size had shrunk.

You're doing great! You should be proud of yourself!

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