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not my type



so i'm back from the wedding, and dancing all night with a group of like 15 people. it was fun. i mean i didn't really know know any of the people but they were cool. so i kind of had this crush on this guy at the wedding and so did everybody else. anyway this girl that knew my mom and aunt was hanging around me all night so we just bonded. anyway she was like that guy is so hot and i was like i know! then she asks me to go dance with her and all the family because "hot boy" was dancing now too. so we go dance and she pulls me towards him and taps him on the shoulder! he turns around and sees me and i'm just like uhhhh and i point to her. then she asks him so smoothly "so who are you with?" and he replies "oh i'm the groom and bride's close friend"...to make a long story short..he ends up talking/dancing with her all night and i end up that "tag-a-long friend" you know what i'm talking about..that annoying third wheel... <_< i mean its ok because they look way cute together like they belong to one another. but still it sucks because i liked him first!!! whatever. i'm not about to fight a girl for a dumb guy. he was wayyy into her anyway so like it matters what i do. he lives in san jose plus he's 27 and she's 27 so it was like perfect for them. i'm too young. ugh seriously i'm never going to win with the age thing. it's either i'm too old to do this or i'm too young to do that. FRUSTRATING. i didn't eat a lot at the wedding. i was expecting to eat wayyy more but i didn't. i chose really healthy stuff too. i didn't even eat dessert i just had fruit which even surprised me because i chose to eat fruit instead of the wedding cake or the cookies being served. so weird...hmm maybe its not though...maybe i'm finally coming to my senses. that yeah there is always going to be some "temptation/indulgence" out there but its up to me to make the right choice. i guess that goes with lots of other aspects to life as well...

anyway here's a picture of me and my cousins at the wedding today...err yesterday..errr a few hours ago ^_^ oh and just for kicks, a picture of the "couple" i was talking about..eh yeah he's not even that cute. -_-

waste of my time to hang out with them after the wedding because i just became that "tag-a-long friend" when i could have been out with my real friends. serves me right...well i did have fun so i guess that's all that matters. plus i can hang out with my real friends all the time now since i don't want to ever be that "friend" again.


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