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my mom just measured my height right now and i'm 5'6!!!!!! i don't believe it! when did i grow?! well i guess the last time i did measure my height i was like 18 and i just assumed i was the same height now because i thought you stop growing when you reach a certain age..well i'm happy!!!! i always wanted to be 5'7 but 5'6 is still great! hmm i am 22 now so maybe i have stopped growing?.. well wow! for the longest time i thought i was still 5'4 1/2!! yayaya now i'm 5'6 yayaya! it must be true because my friend/coworker was like "i'm 5'5" and i was like me too sorta..but when we stood side by side i was just a lil bit taller than her so I thought she probably doesn't know how tall she really is...but it was me the whole entire time!!! plus that friend of mine in sf was always taller than me because she was 5'6 when we were 18 and i was 5'4 1/2 but i did notice in our pictures together we were shoulder to shoulder. I DID GROW!!! anyway i'm excited! the wedding is today and i have the day off! friday, no work...equals YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

here i'll post a picture of us together...that's in sf 2 weeks ago.

umm i guess you can't just individually post pics..


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20??! i'm 22 so does that mean i stopped growing now!? i hope not! i want to be 5'7 for real for real! but i'm a late bloomer for everthing, i've always been like that.

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I had a fiend that was still growing at like 28 or something like that. He actually got tested with doctors because he thought he had some strange growing disorder. He didn't. But anyway, you could keep growing!

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