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OMG! I *love* my Smart Stick!



I have decided that I am *completely* in love with my new Smart Stick Hand Blender! It is the most awesome thing I've used in decades!

Went over to Linda's this weekend and she fixed me a fruit drink with it...she said it was my first 'bandster' meal and this was to give me an idea of how to eat once the surgery and healing is all done. All she did was chop up some fresh fruit into small pieces (I chose cantaloupe, papaya, pear, watermelon, strawberry and half a banana) and then she poured some Tropical Punch flavor Fuze over it, to cover. Inserted the little stick and turned it on...omg! In just a few seconds I had the most wonderfully refreshing drink you could *ever* imagine! Fresh fruit, liquified!!! She says it takes her a couple of hours to finish hers...she has one every morning and every night. It was so dang yummy! And I was thinking, I could even add some vanilla flavored protein powder to make sure that I'm getting enough protein.

Oh, yes, I will definately be using my new little friend a *ton* of times!! It will even whip cream!! Woo-hoooo!!!

I have a feeling that this will become my new best friend, just like it did with Linda!

I am *so* thankful I have her for my mentor...she's been there, done that and she is helping me *so* much. I need to send her an 'I'm so thankful you're in my life card'.


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