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GNC last night



I bee-bopped into GNC last night, just to look around, while I was waiting for my daughter to meet me. Never in my life have I even *set foot* in a nutrition store. I was pretty much convinced that lightning was gonna flash and the ground was gonna open up and swallow me as I walked through the front door. Surprise! Nothing unusual happened, but trust me, I was waiting for it to!

The clerk was a complete snot to me. He took one look at me (and my size) and immediately (mentally) dismissed me. I've had it happen to me enough that I know how it works, trust me! He asked if he could help me (which he obviously thought he couldn't, this is a health food store, after all!); he was about 19, with pimples and everything. It was great. NOT!

So anyway, he asked if he could help me and I told him that I was having lap band surgery and needed to get some protein supplements for my post-op dietary needs. He said, "Well, most people who have *those* surgeries use this." and took me over to the wall of supplements. I bought two small packages, one Banana Cream flavor and one Mixed Berry flavor (they were 'buy one, get one for half-price'). They each add 22 grams of protein to whatever you add it to. I'm going to add it to my fresh fruit smoothie breakfast every morning, and possibly to the one for dinner, depending on how much protein I've had during the day.

I was looking at the Isopure Protein Water and it was almost $4 for 16 oz. Then I happened to notice a big jug of Zero Carb Isopure powder that you just add to your milk or water. It adds 25 grams of protein for each scoop of product. On sale for $42.99; 44 scoops. I bought that, too, in the Pineapple Orange Peach (was it peach? now I don't remember!).

So, I'm pretty much set. I would like to get some of the Isopure powder in Vanilla Cream, though. Maybe I'll go visit another GNC store during lunch today. I'm not going back to the 'snotty kid with pimples store', that's for sure.

I'll feel excited when I can walk into a store and NOT get the 'big person' treatment, ya know?



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