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Woo-hooo!!! I get my treadmill this weekend! Found it on Craigslist...Nordic Track...retails for over $1K and I'm getting it for $350! I can't wait! AND it's the same one that Linda has! How weird is THAT?

Went to a different GNC on my lunch hour yesterday and bought some more protein supplements. I have about a four month supply now, so I'm pretty sure I'm set! lol

Went to the store last night and bought about a dozen and a half different soups. I actually bought baby food, too, to supplement the protein in the soup. Figured I could just use my handy-dandy new little Smart Stick and puree the hell out of everything when it's time for me to have full liquids.

Bought bandaids and first-aid cream and Tylenol and Gas-X. The Gas-X I bought is little strips that you put in your mouth and they dissolve. Genius!

Bought juice, too, and lots of Crystal Light.

I'm trying to think of the groceries I'm gonna need and get the ones that go in the pantry bought already. Figured the less I have to buy when I get home and don't feel like doing too much, the better it's gonna be!


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