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Shout to the Top!



I figured the time was nigh to write a overview and summary on my thoughts so far on this whole gastric band thing. In doing so, I will try to avoid my usual rapier wit and innuendo to get my message across!I was a bit concerned to have feedback on my last blog entry suggesting that my words had managed to put her in a position of thinking again about going through the operation. I was concerned because it seems that in my attempt to be as open and honest about the things I have experienced along the way, I seem to have not got my real message across.I will get the very point of this article out the way at the start so that as many people read this as possible:Deciding to opt for the gastric band is simply ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE.Now, you can read on to find out why, or carry on browsing the rest of the Internet; all I ask is that you believe the above bold, italicised and capitalised words.I have spent much of my writing hours talking about the experiences of having this implement fitted inside my not-so-cavernous-anymore body. I have dwelled upon the things that I have experienced that were new to me and sometimes hovered around the more negative experiences such as the initial pain and regurgitation - the things we all would like to do without in a perfect world. What it seems people are forgetting are the negatives and experiences I wrote about at the start and the experiences many of you have gone through or are living through right now; the days before the operation.The surgery carries some risks and is not the most utopian solution one could wish for - but it has proved to be the best option for me.I would take the discomfort and learning procedure of having to live with the band any time if it meant that I never have to be fat again. I don’t care if people who don’t understand about this operation call me a failure. I would rather be a healthy “failure” in their eyes than a miserable, morbidly obese, diabetic, fat “failure” with a decreased expected life span. Simple and easy.The discomfort I felt along the way was nothing compared to the discomfort of fat. Nothing at all. I wrote about it all because it was new and because I had never felt it before. This was the point of my blog - to discuss my thoughts with anyone who wanted to read about what was going on in my mind. Therapy by blogging.I have been in the fortunate position of having my band fitted and tightened almost perfectly and have lost weight steadily and, some would say, too speedily. But for me, it has shown me the benefits of being thinner more so than if I had lost it gradually over two years - I remember being 70lbs heavier just three months ago. I remember it very clearly and vividly.Each month I have been dropping trouser sizes. I have had wonderful comments from people week in and week out. I have had to throw away clothes that are far too big and have been able to replace them in normal shops instead of humiliating shops purpose built for fat people. I have gone through the embarrassing “morbidly obese” category, whizzed on through “obese” and am currently travelling through “overweight” on my way to the final destination of “normal”. I have been approached by women - something that simply never happened before. I have cut my grocery shopping bills down from incomprehensible levels to just a few pounds a week. I have been more creative and productive with my new state of mind and boosted confidence. I have been feeling less ill and achey. Mainly though, above all else, I am happy. I reiterate and proclaim once again: I AM HAPPY!Having my eldest child tell me she enjoys cuddling me now because her arms meet and she can hold all of me in one go was a huge reaffirmation that this was the best decision.If the cost of all that is relearning eating habits and some discomfort once in a while when I get it wrong - it’s not much of a price to pay at all. In fact it’s no price. It’s a steal.Looking back over the course of the last few months and the previous 15 years I know that I simply would not be on my way to healthy if it wasn’t for the band. My will power simply wasn’t strong enough without it. My brain chemicals simply wouldn’t send out the right signals to help me out like the majority of healthy people’s do. Maybe in a few years there will be a more acceptable way for the public to lose weight. A magic pill that actually works (rather than claims to work but really just makes you mess yourself or commit suicide). A free personal trainer given out with every pack of Special K (which would personally have made me mess myself or commit suicide). But, this band works for me and I stand up and recommend it to everyone who has failed in their battle to lose weight.I know there are people out there that have not had such a plain sail with this operation but I will leave it up to you to read about their progress and experiences. I do believe from my previous research though, that the people who don’t get along with this procedure are in the unfortunate minority.I am proud to admit to anyone and everyone that I have had my Lap Band and am happy for people to think what they like about my reasons behind doing it. I also recommend to those that are hiding the operation from friends and family (you know who you are!) that they come out of the gastric closet - there is nothing to be ashamed of. Help others - stand up, make your voice heard and be proud!As The Style Council put it so perfectly: Shout to the Top!My Lap Band BlogMy Personal Site


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