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Proof is in the Low Fat Pudding




Well, didn’t I get a shock yesterday!

My first venture into on-screen acting arrived in a neatly packaged DVD. Regular readers may well remember that I discussed the filming of this back in a post in February, “Killing With Kindness“. Seeing myself on screen five stone heavier was a bit of an eye-opener.

It’s not as if I was blind when I was that heavy – but when you are actually behind all that weight, there is a certain amount of self-preservation that must go on in one’s mind when you look at yourself in the mirror. Something must trigger to make the brain think it’s really not all that bad which protects you from giving in and throwing yourself out of the window and causing much death and destruction below. But looking at it from this side of the chubby fence…it was that bad indeed.

Here is a comparison picture…


Now, I realise that there are heavier people than I was back then and indeed, lighter people than I am now – but by the Holy Staff of St Cheeseburger – why couldn’t I see what I was doing to myself?!

I can only imagine that I didn’t want to see it. Or was it that the road to change was so bloody hard? Was it blindness by fear? Was it because I could put a brave face on it and convince myself that it really didn’t matter…and let’s face it – apart from the verbal digs and health risks – it didn’t. I was happy in a relationship, with three wonderful children and always looking at the bright side of life – I was always happy and laughing. And that is probably why it didn’t matter. Life was good. I just didn’t realise how much better it could be.

I’m out of the relationship now and, thankfully, on great terms with my ex(es) and seeing my children whenever I want. I have a much better prognosis for living past 50 (touch wood) and I feel bloody great. It is very worrying to see pictures and videos of me pre-band and has made me thankful once again for the advances in medicine that have allowed me to get to where I am today (and for the marvels of interest-free credit from the private hospital!).

Having just returned from a trip to my most favourite place in the world, Paris, I need to get myself back in the mindset of eating properly again. I took five days off from watching what I eat and spent far too many times in the cafe toilets throwing up because I was eating incredibly delicious and fattening food much too quickly for my band restriction. On top of that, the toilets were more often than not the disgusting holes in the floor that Europeans seem far too happy with for civilised people. Bad experiences all round!

So, here I am after having watched my former fat self in a short film and reinvigorated on to my weight loss programme once again. Hovering around 70lbs down and ten inches off my waist, I am very much looking forward to losing the rest of the “muffin top” that sits around my belt over the next few months and will do so with a renewed avoid-the-horrible-French-holes-in-the-floor vigour!

For those that are interested in seeing me portray a very camp speed dating host in the film…please feel free to visit my new channel on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/BenedictFrancis where you can see a couple of videos of me at my heaviest and most mincing!

Here’s to hindsight…what a wonderful concept!

Originally posted at: Lap Band Blog



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Benedict...I can't help but notice how much *younger and sexier* you look now compared to before! Keep up the good work, young man! You are an inspiration...

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I totally get what you are saying about "Not being blind when I was that heavy"...I think we get so caught up with life and taking care of everyone around us that we just choose to ignore ourselves. I'm guilty of that. I have been so wrapped up with making sure my son, dad, brother & even work had what they needed that I forgot about me. I put on the face that said I was happy my life was good but inside I wasn't. My surgery was in Oct, there is so much more out there & I'm seeing that now. Good for you keep up the great work. :) P.S. Just thinking of Paris makes me jealous..LOL

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