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if you want to destroy my sweater




so i decided that everybody needs to go. yep. i'm so tired of caring and bending over backwards for people that are completely unappreciative. instead i get called names like "obsessive", "pathetic", "delusional"..i get told i need to get my own life instead of worrying about somebody elses..which is soooooo HILARIOUS since i am the last person to give a DAMN because i am so oblivious because all i ever do is worry about myself! yes i am that selfish! but when it comes to my bestfriends i will stop thinking about myself for once and help them, but instead of getting oh you're so sweet you really don't need to do that, i get told to get out of their life...AMAZING. well...if that's what they want..they all shall receive. oh yes they will receive.

i am done with jake. he is a complete and utter mess and i want nothing to do with him. all i ever do is try and try with him and he just keeps pushing me away so now i'm gone. the other three i will keep my distance from. a very far distance. its funny because i tie them altogether and now they want to gang up on me and make me look like the bad guy. whatever. without me they will all soon come undone. and they know this. and i know this. it's just a matter of time.

yesss i'm out of the 90's! how exciting! i have two and half months before my cousins wedding to fit into that size ten dress. the chest area is snug but i know soon i will get it loose. i think 20lbs should be just right to get the perfect fit into that dress ^_^

i'm eating healthy and i'm feeling good well other than those "friends" of mine DRAMA.. -_- but whatever they will not bring me down! me and mom have been hiking in the mountains and walking in the trails! i love my mom she's my bestfriend :D



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