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just faking it



-gio didn't talk to me yesterday and we're not even fighting. but he found new friends and is doing his own thing which is good for him.

-jeri pissed me off because she told "that i need to get my own life"..she said what was going on in my life other then me losing weight and i was like i guess nothing else and she was like yeah..so that made me really mad so now i'm not really responding back to her. then she sent me some lame thing about fate and free will..i didn't want to talk to her about it so i'm pretty much like take your philosophical convo and shove it.

-i tried to talk to mario the other day.i called him but he didn't call me back so i finally texted him and he texted me back once even though i was trying to make conversation with him...he tells me he doesn't hate me but its obvious he does.

-so i'm sitting here alone on my day off just faking it...pretending that i'm fine and i'm ok and i'm happy and free spirited like nothing can get me down.

i guess if i really think i am then i will be..i mean i was just perfectly fine without them in my life so why has my life revolved around them to make me happy and complete? i really need to snap out of it! i need to be happy with myself and find other things to do then wait around for my friends to talk to me! jeezzzzz i'm such a loser sometimes! ok no more being a loser..no more being pathetic obsessive bitter jealous delusional. its all me it's all about being happy its all about being the free spirited happy optimistic lovely me!!!!!!! ok i'm done feeling sorry for myself i'm going to go eat now ;)


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