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Another Day - But Not Just Any Day




Well. This is me. February 6, 2008, I was banded. I got a fill six weeks later. ... and then two weeks after that I fell and injured a rebuilt ankle. Two months after that - I fell again.

So - after finding this fantastic forum I realized that I had no excuses anymore. It was time.

I had lost enough weight to go down comfortably two sizes. ... AND THEN ... I went up three sizes.


I want to be healthy.

I had this surgery for a reason.

I have some fantastic friends - but some of them are really adept at sabbatoging. My best friend actually told me that she wouldn't be able to handle my being smaller than her. That was odd to hear.

I'm ready - I'm going to do this. My fill is scheduled for July 2nd at 9:30 a.m. I am mortified to go back into the doctor as a failure - but encouraged that I can get past that - and do what is right for me. This isn't about the doctor, my friends or my family.

This is about me. Which is what this blog is about.

I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks getting ready for this fill. Eating healthier. Paying attention to what I'm putting in my body. No sodas. No bread.

Thanks for being with me in this beginning - every day is new - I have fantastic opportunities ahead of me.

Much love.



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I feel that our stories are very similar. I was banded Feb 17, and I also broke my ankle, but also two other bones in my leg. I know sit here happily casted, and miserable, lol! How is your ankle? As I was recovering in the hospital all I could think was " am I unhealthy because of my rapid weight loss? Scary I know that a fall like I had would have been nothing before, scary!

I have also lost several friends including my bestfriend. Amazing how selfish they can be, but if this is how they are guess they were never friends to begin with. I have decided I am going to find God again to help me through all this confusion, I plan on on attending Church this Sunday. I think I will make new friends, better friends that will be a good support. Good luck to you in your injuries, aswell as your band....

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I am into your blog already. Gonna mark this one as a fav! Oh, and I am thinking about EASY....haven't come up with anything better than yours....yet! LOL

Here is to getting skinny together and getting to know each other along the way!

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