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New development.



The hospital I have chosen to go to for my aftercare, suggests that I see a counselor. I got the name of the Dr and called yesterday to make the apt. I was caught slightly off guard by the receptionist. Because I am a self pay for my surgery, she noted that, and assumed that this would be the case for therapy. After some chit chat back and forth, I explained to her that my insurance does cover therapy, however it does not cover the WLS. She then informed me that my insurance would indeed not pay, because it is in connection to the WLS. (What a load of crap, but okay.) She went on further to say that I could see another Dr in the practice, however Dr. Peterson was simply to busy and not taking on new patients. I paused for a moment, in utter surprise by her lack of tact, and asked her if I had misunderstood the suggestion from my bariatric surgeon, Dr. Mc Bride. As I was under the impression that they use Dr. Peterson as the Dr for there bariatric patients. She then explained to me that Dr Peterson does do the evaluations for Dr. McBride however she does not do therapy for them. Dr. Peterson is to busy and is currently focusing on cancer patients. That Dr. Mc Brides office does not know her schedule....blah blah blah. Ending the conversation with the statement, I would be happy to make you an apt with someone in there office if I was willing to pay $400 dollars an hour. She was kind enough *please note my sarcasm here* to take my number down because she was going to ask Dr. Peterson to confirm what she had taken great pleasure in informing me of. Gahhh are you serious?! Oh, and let me not leave out the odd way she asked me what I would be seeking therapy for. I stammered a bit, then replied, well for eating behaviors and changes, as well as boundaries.

After we ended the most unpleasant phone conversation, I then picked up the phone and called my insurance to verify some information. I choose a therapist, and called to make an appointment with a different office. Which was much more pleasant, I might add. To my surprise, I will be seeing June, that is the name of the therapist, on Thursday. Yes, this coming Thursday. Very good indeed!

Next I made a call to the patient case worker in the bariatric department at University of Nebraska Medical Center. Linda, the same gal who referred me to Dr. Petersons office. I left her a brief message, leaving out most of the details above, but hitting on the more important fact that I was turned away. She called me back and seemed very concerned. She asked me who I had spoken to, and I was unable to provider her with a name of the wretch of a woman who I had previously spoke to. No, I did not say she was a wretch. That part was in my head! LOL Linda said she would find out more information and give me a call back. Dr. Peterson, does indeed see their patients, that I am part of their program and the information I was given was incorrect.

So, who knows what will come of that. I have made other arrangements and for now, am going with this. What is more important than all the above is I am going to therapy! Yay for me!

If you have read this to the end, God bless you!

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Welp - I read to the end!! Okay - I'm getting a book in the mail... and I have a feeling that I'm going to send it to you after I read it. Seriously. What I've read of it online is priceless.

How about it?

Sounds awesome to me! I read your blog post about it. I could use a good retrain my brain to think skinny!

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