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A little of this, a bit of that, and you have todays entry.



Let's see, therapy went well. Did the intake stuff. Ya, know the drill....tell about your family members, your life....what you want to work on. June recommended that I read a book. Went to the library to get a library card. Haven't had one since....well since I lived in Wyoming. Really a long time ago. Not sure why...guess I got to caught up in life and wasn't reading. So I was getting my card issued to me, and I was glancing around for the card catalogs......yep you guessed it. Didn't see any, so I asked. Where are your card catalogs located? The guy looked at me, and sorta chuckled. He says " It really has been a while since you've had a library card." We did away with "card catalogs" in 1995. Wow, nothing like a statement like that to make me feel a bit A.) OLD and B.) embarrassed because I had no idea. LOL

It's all good. I went over to the handy dandy new age computer and looked up a book I needed. It was out, so I put my name on the waiting list. The book is about Boundaries. Something about where you end and I begin. Sounds like a good book for me to read about now. Ya see I have been noticing a pattern with myself. Disturbing and a bit sad, but up until about last week, I couldn't quite put my finger on what to do about my "issue." AWARNESS is 1/2 the battle. You see, if I was able to have healthy boundaries in the beginning, it would save me from a lot of grief and heartache down the road. A "simple" Jill, I would love to hear about XYZ if you would like to give me a call after work, or go to lunch to visit about it. Right now I am a bit busy and work is not really the best place for a conversation about XYZ. I am sure you would like a bit of privacy since it has nothing to do with WORK! LOL Well, I wouldn't say it quite like that, but you get the point. Having boundaries from the get go would do oh so much for me. It would relieve the "coke bottle syndrome I feel. The coke bottle get shook up and BAM off blows the lid. Yep, it's all about boundaries, and my lack of them from the beginning. Sure does seem a bit obvious to me now. So, I suppose I have some learning to do about "Healthy Boundaries." Oh, and I am seeing her about my "foodie" issues too. I suppose it makes good sense to talk about my feelings/changes/ an have a place to let it all out. Let's face it. I have been abusing food for a while now, and food has been abusing me right back. Makes sense I would have "feelings" about my relationship with food.

I opted not to see the "recommended" therapist. Although I will say, DR. Peterson called me personally and left a message. She sounded real nice and was very concerned about the way I was treated. She was very sweet and I appreciated her taking the time to give me a call. At any rate, I had a sour taste in my mouth from how the receptionist treated me. So I figured all things happen for a reason. So June it is. She is very nice and I think we will establish a good repore so that is what counts.

On a grateful note. My dear bandster friend, who was banded 3 days before me called today. Seems she is having some band issues. She has been a bit to tight, has developed a cough (acid reflex/heartburn induced) and her band has tightened up to the point she can only get liquids down. So the Maalox and liquid diet is what she is doing until she can get an unfill. My heart goes out to her because of the chest pain and discomfort she is feeling. PLUS...it's her TOM and I think that added to her tightness. As soon as she can, she will be having an unfill. I hope they don't have to take all her fill, but I want the best for her, so what ever that means. Rather be safe than sorry.

So, my slow and steady fill to restriction seems to set better with me today than it did a day ago. My 2nd fill is coming up and I do have hopes of feeling restriction. Since my 1st fill, I have noticed some positive changes. Sadly I am not dropping any weight, but hey....I am not gaining either. I am grateful for the band. Knowing I have the band is awesome! I am eating much smaller portions, chew, chew chewing, not drinking at meals or for an hour after. Focusing on protein and geting moving. My jeans are feeling looser.

They fit nicely now. I love that. My belly and "gut" are smaller, and my face has lost some lbs. Wish I would have a scale victory....in time. All in all, several good things have come already for me and my band. Yippee. I have to focus on the good and leave the rest in the dust.

What else.....guess that about sums it up with out me going into much more detail. Feeling good and enjoying bandsterville!

Another day in paradise!

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