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Why does it feel like the time between now and my fill date (July 2nd) is F O R E V E R? I seem to glance at the calendar almost every day thinking that surely it should be closer than it is.

So - I may be becoming obsessive about counting calories. It's funny - when you really pay attention to it, it all begins to add up. Breakfast 240, Lunch 560, Dinner 200. I went to Taco Bueno to get dinner for JT, Jeff and I and I kept thinking to myself: I want a taco. But a taco is fried and has lots of calories. Will the taco really give you the fuel that you need...

and so I ordered myself a sideorder of black beans - and poured a hot sauce in it. Can I say - it was yummy. Really, really good. Only 200 calories if you add the hotsauce. That's about 3/4 of a cup of beans and I was full after eating it. I'm trying to imagine what eating will be like after getting the fill... maybe the same? Maybe different. But I'm making every effort to change my eating habits every day.

I started to look at the word 'diet' ... every single person in the world is on some type of diet... because diet deals with eating. Bad diets caused me to weigh this much... a good diet is what is allowing me to get healthy. It's all about perspective.

Time for sleep.

Much love to all.


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