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Weakening One Muscle, Strengthening Another



So I'm reading a book right that works on the possibility of training yourself to think like a thin person.

One of the things it mentions is weakening your 'giving-in' muscle and strenghtening your 'resistance' muscle.

For everytime you can turn away from that plate of cookies - or not eat the onion rings that your BF bought for you - or stop eating when you're FULL... then you are weakening your 'giving-in' muscle and strenghtening that resistance that is very necessary to succeed.

I liked this concept - last night he did bring home onion rings. I thought about it - realized I didn't even want the onion rings and I passed. At lunch yesterday I had grilled catfish and beans poured into a dry baked potato - and I didn't finish even half of any of it. Why? Because I was FULL. The waitress came back three times asking me if I didn't like my food. I thought the food was fantastic but if I actually pay attention to what I'm eating and how my body is reacting to it ... I notice I'm full much more quickly than ever before.

Today for lunch JT wanted to go get a burger - I gave him 'the look' ... so we decided on Subway for me and he had the lunch special at a local place (BLT's and fries) ... as I watched him eat the BLT I remembered how much I loved them... and how many awful things those BLTs have done for my rump and hips. I didn't need to eat THAT to feel full - but half a 6" sandwich was more than enough for me.

This is the hardest thing I'm working on - NOT drinking when I eat. Although I thought I drank a lot of liquids throughout the day, I never realized that I seem to consume most of them at a meal. It's hard not to drink unsweet tea while I eat - not even sweet tea and this is the SOUTH - everyone seems to drink sweet tea here but me. But not drinking anything while eating? That's a tough one.

I'm working on it though. I'm doing it - and I'm feeling good about it all too!

Wishing love and strong resistance muscles to everyone.

Much love.

- Simone


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