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Remodeling, Calorie Counting and Fill Fears



We are remodeling a house.

It's killing me.

It's also keeping me from thinking about food.

That is a major bonus of remodeling a house. We're also moving into this house on Sunday because it we stay a few more weeks we have to pay another house payment here and a house payment there... so, Sunday, I'm moving.


I don't think about food, but I am doing so good staying away from sweets. Didn't touch any of the icecrem today - even the low calorie stuff. Woot! Yay me.

Had half a grilled fish, half a potato with beans poured on it (maybe an 1/8th of a cup), salad, Boost for breakfast, cheese stick and then a cup of blackbeans for dinner. Maybe 900 calories today... felt a bit sick to my stomach today... I think it was because we got so hot working. It's 102 here today. Hot.

So I'm trying to figure out a few things - how long does your body take to get over 'starvation mode' because I'm sure that's what mine is thinking and then - what am I going to do if there is a problem with my fill.

Here's the deal. I'm consuming this 900 calories a day... and I'm doing fine. It's like I hit a switch in my head that I never knew about - but dang it, I sure would like to keep the tool (the band) there to help.

So - I'm nervous about the fill - I'm scared it won't happen - that I've gained too much, it's moved... something...

It will work as it is supposed to. Have to have faith in that.

Much love.

- Simone


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