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48 hours after getting banded



It's been two days since I got banded. The pain is almost gone. The children's liquid motrin they prescribed for me is just right to knock out the little bit of pain. I'm bloated and that's making me uncomfortable, but that's about it. I was out running errands today with my husband. I can't pick up my toddler and that's driving us both crazy. I haven't eaten chewable food since 2200 Saturday night. I'm just now recognizing that I'm hungry. I'm enjoying some tomato soup right now and it's filling me up. The only bra I can wear is a loose fitting sleep bra. No support, just a little nipple coverage. There's an incision right where my normal bras sit, and my sports bras are squeezing me. I would definately suggest taking at least a week off work just for the bra issue. That's about it. So far so good.


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