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Slowly feeling positive



Today is two weeks post-op. Well, I should say that this afternoon at 4:17 pm is two weeks post-op. I've had some problems with a couple of my incisions. One major problem (all the stitches came out of one incision) and one minor problem (one of the stitches came out of another incision).

So I've been REALLY concentrating on wound care and cleaning of same during the last two weeks. 'What to eat' has come in second, every day. I'm more concerned about my wounds not getting infected (which would require a trip to my Dr. and the subsequent charges) than I am about my diet or even if/how much I'm losing.

Today, for the first time, I feel hopeful. I feel like I *am* healing. My wound(s) are healing okay, especially the ones that didn't lose any stitches. My port incision is still a little bit sore, but that is to be expected. It, too, will heal. I'm taking anti-biotics. I'm making sure that I eat only what I'm supposed to.

When I went to Mexico, there was another gal there having her *2nd* lap-band procedure done. She didn't pay attention to the post-op diet instructions the first time around and started eating way before she was supposed to. Which didn't allow her stomach to heal and the scar tissue to form at all. She over-ate *a time or two* (to quote her). Which means she over-ate a *ton* of times. Long story short, her band slipped and she had to pay for another trip to TJ for the band to be taken out, then she had to wait six months and come back for her 2nd banding. She spent over $10K *extra* because she couldn't pay attention to what the Dr. ordered. Idiot. Even now, she refuses to follow the Dr's instructions. Her exact words were 'I hate it when some skinny bitch tells me how to eat!' I was dumbfounded, to say the least. She even wanted to buy some of the churros that were being hawked down the line of cars at the border while we were waiting to get back into the States!

So, yeah, I've been following the diet to the letter. Clear liquids, then full liquids. Tomorrow starts the 'thicker than going through a straw, but too thin to count as soft' stage. I'm going to Popeye's for lunch and getting some mashed potatoes with TWO gravies, I'm thinking!

Today, I put on a pair of pants that I haven't worn since before my surgery. Now, you must realize that every pair of pants I own do the whole 'muffin-top' thing on me. Well, today...I put these pants on and I can see that the muffin-top is diminishing. It's still there, don't think it's not...but it *is* smaller than it was last time I put these pants on. So I guess that I am making some progress.

I'll weigh myself in the morning. Friday will be my weigh-in day. Friday also starts the new week for the 'step-up' in the consistency of the food I can eat. So it's perfect, all the way around!


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