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What a day!



Wow! What a mile-stone type of day this is, so far. Michael's son is leaving to go to visit his Aunt in Wales for three weeks. Stephen is due home from Iraq this afternoon for two weeks. Michael H.'s bday is today. Austin's bday is today. Found out that Derek (ex-stepson) got married. Wow!!

I'm getting anxious about eating soft foods. That happens on Friday. I'm ready.

Went to a WLS support group last night at one of the local hospitals. There were LOTS of people there doing the 'waiting' game. There were a few success stories to be seen and shared. Seems like it's way easier for people to say their WLS didn't work for them than it is for them to use the WLS as the tool it was intended to be. Was I ever that focused on failure? God, I hope not!

Why are some people focused on failure and then others are focused on success? They celebrate even the smallest of successes... I believe that if you can visualize it in your mind, you can create it in person. Apparently not everyone shares my train of thought, though. Or maybe they have spent so many years being focused on the negative that they've forgotten what it feels like to have hope and to be focused on the successes?


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