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good morning? afternoon!



well i'm back on my exercising routines! i'm not going to call it routines because it's not really a routine per se. it's more like a way for me to kick up my heart rate so i have more energy throughout the day and be super happy all day! last night i actually went skating! i fell face forward and totally ate it! but now i know how to actually get on the board (without it flying the other way), how to stand (like arrange my feet) , how to shift the board so i don't run into the curb, and coast! all in half an hour too! but that's just because i've been trying to do it on and off since i was 16. its just now i wanted to get serious about it and really learn instead of playing around. i'm sooo happy that i can actually do it! my mom was watching me and i was like mom look at me no hands! :P i don't know how to really stop just yet. i kind of just put weight onto the back and step off but that's really bad if i'm going fast so i always have to run when i get off but i know there's another way to do it without almost breaking your knee to do it. well i'll figure it out. but skating is pretty much the best exercise because i was sweating more in 15 minutes then a whole hour of cardio! but i'll keep my cardio too because i love it. you know what..i'm not going to even call it "exercise" because that term seems so blah to me. i'm going to say hobbies! yes hobbies and being active is better ^_^


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