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i don't want to see the dark knight ok!!?!



i decided NOT to weight myself daily. do you know how much of a mood killer that is gahh! i'm always like yeah i did so good yesterday i probably lost a pound and then i weigh myself the next morning and it still says the same weight and i'm like WHAaaaaaT!!!?!!!

what is this obsession people are having with that movie "the dark knight"???! weird.....

anyway i didn't skate last night because i bruised my left elbow and half way down my forearm from crash landing on it while trying to do a tail stop. they said i'm going to fall like a lot while trying to learn to do and it happened twice! i got scared that i was going to break something so i'm going to get some elbow pads and wear more layers to lessen the blow. but that first time i fell i think i heard something crack but it wasn't painful it was kind of a shock because i haven't fallen like that since i was first trying to ride a bike when i was 7. hahaaa

check out my bruise!


and ooo yea for me for figuring out how to post pics on entries!

oh and i decided to erase the wedding pics from my album because i can't help but feel bitter about what happened so i don't want to be reminded about it and i want to get over it as quick as possible. speaking of getting over things my sf friend hasn't talked to me in 5 days now...surprise surprise...she's probably doing that road trip thing still so whateverrr. lately i've been feeling kind of jealous...i'm jealous that mario is hanging out with jake instead of me. i mean don't get me wrong i love being by myself but still its nice to be included...ehhhh whatever...i'm just gonna go do my own thing and stop caring about what everybody else is doing. its none of my business anyway. plus its not my style to be a needy, clingy, dependent person. gross...anyway back to being me...happy, INDEPENDENT, and totally free ^_^


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