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I'm starting to get very excited about my weight-loss journey. My first fill is tomorrow afternoon. I've lost close to 20 pounds since I started and I can tell the difference in how my clothes fit me. My one *problem child* incision is healing well, finally.

I've been reading on the forums and in blogs about people getting nauseous because they were eating too much, too fast. When I first starting reading about it, I totally thought they were high! How in the *world* is that even possible?

And then...this morning...I got a first-hand look at it. Yup, I got nauseous from eating too much, too fast. And not even a speck of saline in my band yet, no less! I had fixed myself a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast (a banana, some cantaloupe, a few grapes, some vanilla protein powder and milk) and I apparently had too much of it, too fast.

I was nauseous as hell...I'm *still* nauseous and this was two whole hours ago!

So, I guess I am making some improvements, slowly and surely.

I am starting to look at my food as fuel, not as a 'feel-good' present I give myself. Whoda thunk *that* would ever happen????!!!!


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