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The "not me's"



I apparently suffer from a serious case of the "not me's". You know how it goes...you'll read about some aspect of the band and you'll think to yourself, "Oh, I *know* better than that! That won't happen to me...not me!"

First fill was great. 2 cc's of saline. My port is pretty deep and the Dr. recommends that every fill be done with flouro. Figures! Now every fill will be an additional $99, but I am trying to look at it from the standpoint that it's better to be safe than sorry.

So...I didn't think I had much restriction, what with it being my first fill and all. So I ate some chicken for dinner last night. And I waited to eat until I was starving, which I *know* is a no-no! So, yeah, I was hungry as hell and I ate entirely too fast and I didn't chew my chicken well enough.

My first visit with a PB was pretty exciting. NOT!! Apparently I totally thought that I would *never* forget the rules and I would *never* forget to chew well and I would *never* eat too fast and most especially, I would *never* have to suffer through a PB. Boy, was I wrong!

I'm going to Wal-mart on my lunch hour to buy zip-lock bags to keep in my car. And some baby wipes. Too bad they don't sell brain cells!


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I am thinking of getting banded but all the talk of "PB's and sliming" really makes me sick. What exactly is PB and sliming??

I would like to hear what a PB is, too! I have a feeling that 'sliming' involves making a mess in one's underwear... Similar to what happens when you take Alli and eat anything w/ fat in it... super ick!


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