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Slow success, sweet success!



I tired on a pair of jeans today, they have been calling to me from my closet. Size 20! I am nearly there! They are 5 lbs away from looking fabulous! My tummy did a small spare tire. I don't want to look stuffed into my jeans when I set down, so back in the closet they went!

Spend some time looking in my closet. I have 2 pairs of size 26's. One brand new never worn, jean capri's, and the other slacks worn after I had my son to go to a wedding. They will find a good home I am sure. Right now I am in a size 22. Glorous 22 I will not miss you! I am ready to go back to my 20's with the knowlege I have now!

Life is good! I am becoming healthier and happier with myself. Thank goodness for the lapband.

I attempted to eat last night. I love that after 1-3 bites I am done! I get the soft stop that says....take another bit and you will be up for a while in discomfort.


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