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Piggin Out Weekend...




Holly Crap! I went on a eat-a-thon this weekend. I had touched 252.2 and then food hit the fan and I ate all day Sat and Sun like I had nothing to stop me. WOW!

I am not going to beat myself up over it, I am moving on. The scale was back at 254.4 this morning.

Weekends are harder for me because they are less structured. During the week I feel great......I do great.....

Oh, my parents are coming up over labor day. I am already having urges to hid food, so if I need to eat I can eat in secret. I LOVE my momma dearly, but she does stress me out. She has always been critical of me and this is a big issue. So far I have not hid food. I am hoping to make some progress on this "issue."

Let's hope I can work hard on current bahaviors to make a difference!



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