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Maybe two is better than one




-been staying at the same weight for the past couple months...

-decided to become a vegetarian so i would be forced to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my diet

-cousin's wedding was a blast. fit into my size ten dress! i'm still "bigger" then all the cousins well because they're like 5'1 and weigh 100lbs...but i was really confident so it didn't matter. i saw some pictures being snapped on peoples digital cameras and i didn't look humongous compared to my other family members so i think that's an achievement! it sucks to be that one "bigger" family member...because usually if you're fat then some or all of your family is fat but not mine..i was the "special one"..and i got crap for it my whole life from my family. family dinners, parties, weddings..all my aunts would just be on my case about my weight..but not anymore! they were like oh you're so beautiful!

-anyway the bet made between gio and i still stands and i have 3 months to lose 30lbs! or i am out 150 dollars!

-oh i went to san francisco to visit jeri and i sat on the airplane seat very comfortably! the seatbelt had extra length to it when last year there was no room left for extra. i desperately needed an extender but i didn't dare tell the flight attendants so i just stuffed myself in and didn't breathe. but this year i didn't spill over into the next seat or touch the person sitting next to me at all! and the food tray sat very comfortably above my lap not on my lap..AMAZING! do you know how happy i was that entire flight!?!

-i have to post pictures from the wedding and san francisco and just around the town!

-i haven't really been working out..maybe that's why i've been severely plateuing..

-we moved into a new side of town. closer to work. no need for gas pretty much hah. i like the new place better. my room is probably 50% bigger and lots more closet room ;]

-i wear an xs at old navy now. yip!

-i'm going to get to 150 by my birthday! 24 years old and finally how a 24 old should look!



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